Define Yourself Clothing has recently debuted its stylish line of lifestyle graphic t-shirts, tops and hats for men and women on their website which showcases their initial statement pieces to the public.

The company launched its online store, to introduce the hand-picked line and according to Joe Daee, company founder and lead designer, his designs are meant to have broad appeal without following temporary trends. “Define Yourself Clothing not only focuses on providing fashion-forward individuals with pieces that stand out, but ones that will stand the test of time. It’s an homage to the classic vintage tee but with modern flair.”

Regarding the women’s designs, Daee commented on the upcoming release of their exclusive denim line in the coming months. “The company focuses on using materials, especially for their denim line that will hold their shape throughout the day and create a flattering fit for the wearer even when held up to the most hectic of lifestyles.”

The clothing line’s slogan, “Rock Relax Repeat” is a testament to the lifestyle that customers of Define Yourself Clothing embodies. The company’s mission pre-launch was to create a line that allows wearers to find their own unique and defining style through their modern statement pieces. According to Daee “These designs are not so much trendy as they are about individualized expression or style, which is ultimately dictated by life experience.”

It is these same unique life experiences that lead to the inception of Define Yourself Clothing. The concept became clear after Joe’s witness to his wife's struggles with her health. Being chronically ill for most of her life with various afflictions, one would think she'd be a mess but quite the contrary. According to Daee, “she can Rock, Relax, and Repeat with the best of them”. Her fight and spirit, in large part, inspired him to follow his passion and share it with you all. “Defining yourself, who you are, and sharing that uniqueness with the world is a gift. The goal of Define Yourself Clothing is to help you do just that.”

Define Yourself Clothing will continue to unveil other unique items in the upcoming months including polos, versatile tops, new hat styles and more.

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About Define Yourself Clothing: 
Established in 2015, Define Yourself Clothing dedicates itself to creating a platform for individuality and personal expression through modern lifestyle clothing. Through bold, statement pieces and fashion-forward apparel, the company is on a mission to bring back originality to a clothing industry struggling to find its voice. Define Yourself Clothing found its inspiration on the West Coast, but hopes to carry the message of “Rock Relax Repeat” nationwide by way of every individual looking to define themselves through its clothing. For more information on Define Yourself Clothing’s vision and to read their story, visit


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Joe Daee 

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Christine Holtz 
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